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Headache/Migraine Treatment

Tension, Cluster, and Migraine Headache Relief Treatment: Headaches are defined as pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. Headaches can cause long-term damage mentally and physically, and easily affects day-to-day life. About half of adults experience headaches at least every year, with tension headaches being the most prevalent.

Headaches are something that many people deal with, but it is not a necessary part of life It occurs as migraines, tension-type headaches or cluster headaches, which are all considered headaches but each has specific qualities in diagnosis.


Symptoms of headaches can be debilitating:

  • Dull aching pain in head and muscle aches
  • Pressure or pain in the front, top or sides of the head
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irritability and disturbed concentration
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Dizziness


Stop your headaches without medication:

Headaches commonly occur when spinal bones in the neck do not support the head properly. A misalignment causes irritation to the nerve structure and interference in the flow of nerve energy throughout the body. Stress and bad posture easily lead to chronic migraines, which why many people who work at a desk suffer from them.


Migraine is a common episodic disorder, the hallmark of which is a disabling headache generally associated with nausea, and/or light or sound sensitivity and may have other neurological symptoms.

Treatment of migraines is divided into abortive therapy and preventative treatment.

The abortive (symptomatic) therapy of migraine ranges from the use of simple analgesics to triptans, antiemetics, or the less commonly dihydroergotamine. Abortive treatments are usually more effective if they are given early in the course of the headache. A large single dose tends to work better than repetitive small doses. Many oral agents are ineffective because of poor absorption secondary to migraine-induced gastric stasis.

Here at Restore Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer numerous options for acute treatment. Mild to moderate migraines usually responds to a combination of analgesics and anti-emetics. This can usually be managed with oral medications. Moderate to severe attacks need a visit to the Urgent care center or Emergency Room. We offer the same treatment here in our office including IV fluids and IV medications for the treatment of moderate to severe migraines.

For the treatment of episodic/chronic migraines with a duration of more than 14 days per month; we offer Botox for the treatment of chronic migraines.

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