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Regenerative Medicine is a field of medicine which uses innovative therapies to allow the body to repair, aging cells, regenerate tissues and organs. The Aim or Goal of Regenerative Medicine is to return tissues and organs to normal functioning indefinitely.



There are numerous modalities for Anti-aging treatment. They can be divided into traditional therapies and Newer Generation therapies or NextGen Therapies.

TRADITIONAL THERAPIES: The traditional focus of Antiaging therapy is to focus on collagen induction with treatments such as micro-needling, mesotherapy, chemical peels, Radiofrequency, Lasers, etc. All of these work by causing controlled skin injury to stimulate a wound healing response. This results in increased epidermal thickness and dermal collagen. The skin appears smoother, brighter, and younger-looking.


There are numerous therapies in the market and numerous claims made by different manufacturers and clinics.

1st Generation: PRP and PRF

The next stage in evolution is PRP and PRF. PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma and PRF is Platelet Rich Fibrin. Here blood is drawn from the guest and platelets and fibrin are concentrated. There is a long history of using this in orthopedics, dental surgery, and medical aesthetics. The components in PRP and PRF help modulate cell proliferation, differentiation, chemotaxis, and angiogenesis. There is a wide body of evidence that shows PRP and PRF helps with accelerated healing and increased neo-collagenesis.

PRP and PRF contain numerous growth factors such as PDGF-AA, PDGF-AB, PDGF-BB, EGF, FGF, IGF-1, IL-1α  , TGF-β1, VEGF.

Restore Wellness and Aesthetics offers both PRP and PRF in our practice. PRP facials, PRP therapy for hair loss, PRP joint injections, PRP for sexual health and numerous other therapies are offered in our practice.

2nd Generation: Amniotic Products

This is derived from the amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid that is obtained after delivery of a baby. They contain even more growth factors compared to PRP. Amniotic Fluid helps reduce inflammation, increased epithelial cell reproduction, increases angiogenesis. All of these changes cause improved collagen formation in the tissue. Amniotic products are anti-inflammatory by nature.

Restore Wellness and Aesthetics offers Bio-D Restore and Bio-D Factor in our clinic for joint injections, hair loss.

3rd Generation: UCSC- Umbilical cord-derived stem cells.

As the name suggests, this is derived from the umbilical cord. Umbilical cord cells have low viability after the freeze-thaw cycle. They usually remain viable in vivo for less than 3 days. They act by a paracrine mechanism by producing exosomes.  The disadvantage of USCS is that these cells can mount a graft versus host response to the host. These graft cells can attack the host cells when they are injected into the body. Hence these are not used much in aesthetics.

4th Generation: Autologous Stem Cells

SVF stands for stromal Vascular Fraction; ADSC stands for Adipose-derived Stem cells and  BMAC stands for Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cells Concentrate. All of these are Autologous which means that they are derived from your own body. This ensures that your body will not reject these cells. Obtaining these cells requires a harvesting procedure such as tumescent liposuction or Bone Marrow Aspiration. These harvest materials then have to be processed by mechanical processions such as microfiltration or enzymatic processing.

These cells have demonstrated remarkable benefits for multiple clinical indications. They remain viable in-vivo for 7 days. They all work by a paracrine mechanism by producing exosomes.

The FDA released a position paper in November 2017 providing guidance for these types of cells.

Restore Wellness and Aesthetics offers ALMI in our clinic for facial rejuvenation, hair loss, vaginal health.

5th Generation: MSC exosomes

MSC stands for Mesenchymal stem cells. MSC are multipotent stromal cells. This means that they can differentiate into a variety of cells (osteoblasts-bone cells; Chondrocytes-cartilage cells; myocytes-muscle cells; adipocytes-fat cells)

Exosomes are nanoscopic extracellular vesicles which are produced by stem cells which have a complete cytokine/mRNA profile of peri-natal MSC and have identical lipid bi-layer membrane to MSC. Exosomes stabilize mRNA and miRNA during transport to the target tissue and instruct the cells to regenerate or heal.

Advantages of Exosomes 

1. Size- They are a nanoscopic particle which enables them to have greater diffusion capacity and can cross the blood-brain barrier and stratum corneum as well.
2. No procedure is required such as harvesting
3. No first-pass pulmonary accumulation
4. No risk of malignant transformation
5. No risk for Graft versus host disease. They will not attack your own bodies cells.
6. They can be stored easily and have a long shelf life compared to the other products.

Restore Wellness and Aesthetics offers numerous exosome therapies such as exosome facials, exosome therapy for hair loss, exosome joint injections and other therapies.

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