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Hair Loss


Hair loss is a common clinical complaint that is a manifestation of a wide variety of disorders. In most cases, the diagnosis is relatively straight forward. However, it does get complicated in a few instances.

Patterns of hair loss differ in both males and females.

Male pattern of hair loss

Patterns of hair loss in males is usually staged according to the Norwood scale as shown below. There are numerous scales but Norwood is the most commonly used scale.

Grade 1-3 are easier to treat compared to 4-7 which usually require hair transplantation.

Treatment for male pattern baldness can range from medications such as Finasteride and Minoxidil to minimally invasive procedures such as PRP, ALMI and surgical procedure such as Hair Transplants.

Female Pattern of Hair loss

This is usually staged by the Savin scale. There are other scales such as the Norwood scale but we prefer to use the Savin scale. Grades I and II are easier to treat compared to grades III and advanced.

Restore Approach to Hair loss

  1. Every guest gets a comprehensive physical exam in order to assess the cause of the hair loss.
  2. Labs may be ordered if necessary
  3. Individual and Customized treatment approach is then formulated with the guest’s input before we start treatment.
  4. This could be as simple as topical applications of prescription medications or oral medications. It could also be PRP, A-cell porcine matrix or ALMI.
  5. We do not perform hair transplants in our center but if that is what the guest needs; then we will be happy to refer the guest to a hair transplant surgeon.